Privacy Policy

Assessment Helps respect the customer’s privacy. We know that privacy is how much important to you. You give us information because you trust us. So, our responsibility is to guard your information in every possible way. Let’s discuss what we do with your information:

  • All your information is secure in our hands.
  • We do not provide any of your information to anybody.
  • We share any information about our teachers with nobody.
  • The payment method is very safe on our website.
  • Assignment Helps can change the privacy policy anytime, so read it mindfully before ordering.

By the above-mentioned points, you have some idea about how we protect your data. Now, let’s figure out this in detail:

Collection of Information

The information we gathered from you always has a purpose. We ask you only what our main need is. We need to know the data like your name, birth date, age, sex, contact number, email, etc. You have to tell us about the payment method you used for paying us. We also have a right to know your choices for providing you with a great service.

The process for collecting the data

We have the right to store the information that you give us. Our offer and discount program can be eligible for gathering the information of any user. Any time of the day you enter our website, we have full right to store your information. By gathering your information, we can be able to recognize you and can offer you the best service.

Why we are collecting your information?

There are so many reasons to collect your information. Some are below mentioned:

  • We can give better service to our customers.
  • Improvement in our submission process
  • Customers can enjoy the best price for the service
  • To control any kind of cheating

Sharing information

We do not support information sharing with third parties. We know it is very dangerous. We don’t sell your data to anybody. Assignment Helps take guarantee about it. The information like your name, birth date, age, sex, contact number, email, etc. is totally safe with us. Delivery companies and mail companies may collaborate with us. But, you need not take tension about this, because they are also as serious as us about your information.

Now we have to give you knowledge about our privacy policy properly. You need to know what we do with all the data that we taking from you. We understand that privacy is the most important factor for you. Nowadays cheating happens everywhere. When you are on an online platform, you have to choose the best. Because every online platform has the ability to take all the information from you. Sometimes you unconsciously give the information on your own and monetary cheating can happen to you. You have to be beware of those fraudulent websites. We assure you that your information is safe in our hands. We use your data, only for fair use. For your information, we can give you better service at a very minimal price. When you share your information, we gain the power to know about your choices. Through this process, you get the best from us. Every offer will reach at the right time to you and you can grab that opportunity. This is the benefit of knowing you well. Here we give you a brief idea of how much your information will be safe in our hands.

  • We assure you of the security of the information.
  • We do not share any kind of information with anyone.
  • We have very secure payment methods. We assure you that the transaction processes are very much safe. You can use a credit card, debit card, or bank transaction very safely on our website.
  • We are connected with you by email or any delivery mediators. They are third parties. They are safe as we are. So, we depend on them. You don’t have to worry about this. 
  • We won’t reveal your information to anyone.
  • We do not sell any of the information that you share with us. Your trust is our first priority.
  • We value our teachers also. We don’t disclose any information about them also.

Any time we can change our privacy policy. Please read it carefully before you take service from Assessment Helps.